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Cornhole is a great game for parties, cookouts, family function or even corporate events. It is a great game that everyone has fun playing.  
They also make perfect gifts. Many of our sets have been given as birthday gifts or even for wedding presents. 

We are a proud ACA member and make all products to meet their standards. 

Please email us with any questions. Thanks for taking a look!!

It was brought to our attention, as well as other cornhole vendors, 
that it was illegal to sell boards with team names or logos on them. If caught selling these licensed products the seller is subject to a fine of up to $40,000. 
This includes all NFL, MLB and NCAA (College) teams or university's. 

We at Indy Cornhole Game will no longer sell these boards. And anyone else still selling them will be doing it illegally. We would be happy to sell you painted boards and help you with what size and type of decal you would need to apply yourself. 

Many different decals can be found on Ebay & Amazon as well as other websites. 
We have found that in the long run, you can usually save money by purchasing the decals seperately as opposed to what most vendors sell their decal boards for. 

If you have any questions about this statement please contact us with questions.